Sweet Pea Seedlings

I didn't get around to growing any Sweet Peas last year because, as I've no doubt mentioned multiple times, we were in the process of moving house and I was finishing my final year at University. The reality is, there was just no time! 

I started these seeds off at the end of January. They're the 'Heirloom Mixed' by Thomson & Morgan and I picked them up at my local garden centre for £2.99 at the beginning of January. I've been itching to get out in the garden and get started on preparation for the year ahead, and this has been the perfect way to bring the outdoors inside to keep me company through the dark and rainy evenings. 

I've since read that a lot of people soak their seeds in water overnight to rehydrate them before planting, but I just popped mine straight into a good quality compost and kept them well watered. 

I've run out of space on my kitchen windowsill because it's full of African Violet cuttings, so I placed them in a sunny spot down by the back door. My only worry about doing this was that they are directly opposite the catflap and I wasn't sure how our cat Truffles would react. However, he hasn't paid them the slightest bit of attention, so luckily they've been left to do their own thing and germinate successfully. 

Whilst they've grown fairly tall since germination, as you can see, they've also become fairly leggy. Previously I've waited until they've got at least two sets of leaves before 'pinching out' the growing shoot, but I've decided to pinch them out now, to encourage side shoots and to create stockier, healthier plants.

As you can see by the photo above, 'pinching out' basically just means using your thumb and forefinger nails to literally 'pinch' out the top of the plant down to a set of leaves.

There we go! Simple, easy, and hopefully will promote those side-shoots that I've spoken about.

I'm hoping to eventually plant my Sweet Peas out in this large plant pot that I purchased from Forest Lodge Garden Centre. Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that it was £24.99 reduced to £12.49 - bargain! I'm still looking for a suitable obelisk or structure to grow them up, but I've got a few weeks yet to keep looking.

Have you planted any Sweet Peas this year?
What are you growing yours up? Drop me a comment below with your ideas!